Is Laptop cooling pad Worth It?

Laptop Cooling pad

Laptops have now become a crucial part of our lives. They are used for work, entertainment, and everything in between. However, using them for a long period can lead to overheating issues, that can affect the laptop’s performance and durability. That’s where a laptop cooling pad comes into play. Here you can find the answer to your question – Is a cooling pad worth it?


A cooling pad is an accessory designed to control the heat generated by the laptop’s internal components. Laptops are placed on it to improve the airflow and reduce the heat. Most cooling pads have built-in fans that circulate air beneath your laptop, and make the laptops cool. 



Why Do Laptops Need A Cooling Pad?

Have you ever noticed? When you use your laptop for long hours or perform heavy tasks, it slowly becomes hot. It is one of the most common issues faced by most of the laptop users. While using a laptop for a long period continuously or while using heavy software, some amount of heat is generated. The laptop is working at its full capacity to make you productive. So it is obvious that your laptop starts heating up.  This heat can damage the internal component of the laptop if the problem of overheating is noticed frequently. Here the cooling pad for laptops serves as an external cooling solution that helps dissipate heat efficiently, preventing the laptop from overheating.



Benefits of Using a Cooling Pad For a Laptop

Overheating is one of the major threats to the laptop’s health. A cooling pad helps to prevent the laptop from overheating by maintaining proper airflow. Know more about the overheating issues of a laptop.


It helps in increasing the performance of the laptop. Because overheating slows the performance and decreases the productivity. 


The ergonomic design of the cooling pad can help to improve comfort by raising the laptop.


The cooling pad increases the life of the laptop. They help in preventing damage to components by reducing overheating issues.



Types of Laptop Cooling Pads


Passive Cooling Pad

Passive cooling pads work by circulating air around the laptop using vents and fins.


They do not use a fan for cooling the laptop. This makes them quiet and more energy-efficient.


These are affordable in price and cost less than other type.



Active Cooling Pad


Active cooling pads use a fan to circulate air around the laptop and dissipate heat.


It is seen that active cooling pads are more effective than passive cooling pads. These are equipped with fans to circulate the air.


Since they are equipped with fans when they run at full capacity to cool down the laptop. They produce lots of sound. And sometimes this unwanted sound becomes irritating


As these are equipped with fans they cost more than the active cooling pad.


It comes in a variety of sizes and styles, along with adjustable fan speeds.



How to Choose the Right Cooling Pad?


Choosing the right cooling pad is important. But fear not we’re here for you. To help you choose the right cooling pad. All you have to do is follow the tips when you’re searching for the perfect cooling pad. 


It is always advised to choose the right shape and size of the pad.


A cooling pad comes with multiple fans and adjustable fan speed. This helps to keep your laptop cool even under heavy load.


Some pads come with adjustable height. This gives you an advantage to raise the laptop according to your comfort by adjusting the height.


Other additional features to look for on a cooling pad include USB ports, phone holders, and RGB lighting.


Many brands manufacture cooling pads. They all fit in different price ranges according to their feature. It is important to know to know your budget to buy the best cooling pad. 


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Are Laptop Cooling Pad Worth Buying?


It depends on individual needs and circumstances. If you’re heavily involved in tasks such as gaming, editing, or other heavy applications. The laptops get heated up due to heavy usage. So in this investing in a cooling pad is a good choice. It will improve your productivity along with help in increasing the durability of the laptop.  

However, if the laptop is used for normal activities such as online browsing, email checking, and entertainment, a cooling pad may not make a major difference. So in this case you can avoid investing in a cooling pad. 


They properly manage the heat and keep the laptop cool. Along with it provides a comfortable workspace.


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How long do cooling pads last?


The lifespan of a cooling pad depends upon the quality of the pad and how often it is used. If you want to use a cooling pad for a long period follow some of our tips. 

Dust and Dirt can accumulate on the fans and vents of the cooling pad. Regular cleaning cleaning pads make it more effective.

Try not to use cooling pads on a soft surface such as beds and couches. This can block airflow and prevent the cooling pad from working effectively. Place the cooling pad on a flat, hard surface for better results.



List of Best Cooling Pads For Laptop


Laptop Price Rating
Cosmic Byte Meteoroid Rs. 1,799 4.1/5
Zebronics NC2100 Rs. 448 4.0/5
Amazon Basics Rs. 749 4.1/5
EvoFox Frost Rs. 699 4.1/5
Cosmic Byte Comet Rs. 899 4.1/5
Zinq Cool Slate Rs.599 4.1/5
Claw Arctic K25 Pro Rs. 1,663 4.3/5





Investing in a laptop cooling pad is a good decision for anyone seeking to maximize the laptop’s performance and lifespan. Cooling pads are a cost-effective solution that prevents laptops from overheating and enhances the overall computing experience. With various options available, you can easily find the perfect cooling pad that suits the laptop best. To keep the laptop cool and let it perform at its best.


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