Everything You Need to Know about the Laptop Hinge

Laptop Hinges


Laptops are now an essential part of our daily lives. We need a laptop for almost all the tasks like watching videos, office work, communication, accounting, coding, programming, and surfing the internet. Whether you’re a student or a professional you need a laptop.


When buying a laptop we check all the aspects of the laptop like features, display, trackpad & keyboards, processor, RAM & storage, camera, etc. But we often miss the most of the Hinge. It is responsible for the opening and closing of the laptop and keeps the screen in the perfect position.


In this article, we will look over the different types of laptop hinges, the reasons that lead to hinge failure, and how to maintain it so that it lasts for a long. And furthermore, we have answered the most asked questions related to laptop hinges.



What is a Laptop Hinge?


The Laptop Hinge is a fragile component of the laptop that is often overlooked. It is responsible for holding the screen in the perfect position. It helps in opening and closing the lid of the laptop. This simple piece keeps you connected to the computer and keeps it safe while providing mobility. There are different types of hinges available in the market, different laptops have different hinge designs, but they all fulfill the same purpose. Let’s have a look at different types of laptop hinges that are used in laptops.


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Types of Laptop Hinges


There are three main types of laptop hinges:


Standard hinge

The standard hinge is the most common hinge and is found in most laptops. It has two metal brackets that are connected by a pin. The brackets are attached to the screen and the base of the laptop. One side of the bracket is attached to the screen and the other side is attached to the base of the laptop. Helps in the smooth opening and closing of the screen and also reduces wobbling.


Butterfly hinge

The butterfly Hinge is similar to the standard hinge but has a butterfly-like design. It is commonly found in ultrabooks and is slim and light. The Butterfly Hinges are known for their sleek design.


360-degree hinge

This type of hinge allows the screen to rotate 360 degrees, giving you the option to use the laptop in various modes, such as tablet mode, tent mode, or stand mode. This type of hinge is mainly found in 2-in-1 laptops.



Why do Laptop hinges Fail?


Laptop hinges are an important part of the because they allow you to open and close the laptop and keep the screen in perfect position. A hinge is a fragile part of the laptop, and as such it can be broken or damaged. A damaged hinge can cause the screen to wobble or not stay in place, making it difficult for you to use and thus affecting your productivity. Additionally, a broken hinge can cause further damage to the laptop. Also, it can damage the display which is more expensive than the hinge.


How to maintain your laptop hinges?


Here are some tips on how to maintain your laptop hinges:


The most common reason for the breaking of hinges is rough handling. Open the laptop carefully without any rush even though the quality of the hinge is great. Also, avoid opening the lid of the laptop single-handedly, it just puts more pressure on the hinge.


Dust and dirt are also the most common factors for the failure of the hinge. The dust accumulates on the hinges and makes them stiff and jammed. So, to avoid breaking hinges from dirt and dust keep your workplace clean. Regularly clean the laptop to avoid accumulating dust.


Avoid opening the display of the laptop too often, because it may lead to the loosening of a hinge and ultimately it breaks. Also, avoid forcefully opening the lid.



How Long is the Life Span of a Laptop Hinge?


The life span can be said based on how you are using the laptop. If you’re using it carefully with proper maintenance it may last up to 6-7 years. But today’s hinges are well-designed and are better than the laptop hinges from the past. As the technology is improving the products are also improving. But in case it breaks, don’t worry, just take the laptop to the service center and ask them to replace it.


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To sum up we have discussed the hinges, their types, life span, the cause of hinge failure, and how to maintain the hinge in condition and avoid hinges to breaking or damage. Today the breaking of the hinge is not that big deal, it gets replaced easily or you can do it yourself.


The main motive of this article is to make aware of the fragile part of the laptop i.e., the Hinge. So that you can avoid breaking of the hinge and save the cost and time to repair it, in case it breaks.



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